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How Does Cordova Joyful Learning (CJL) make a difference for every learner?

CJL makes use of self-explanatory topic presentations, simulations, interactive and exercises mapped to the textbooks of the respective class. They are enjoyable learning modules, meant to provide a personalized interactive experience for learners at his/her own pace at the convenience of his/her home.

What syllabus does CJL cover?

CJL is aligned to the NCERT curriculum recommended for CBSE, ICSE and State Board schools.

What subjects are covered?

It covers all subjects recommended for K12 like English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS/Science, Social Studies, Computer, General Knowledge and Art and Craft.

How often should I use CJL?

Ideally, we recommend that this be integrated into your daily learning schedule.

Do I need Internet access to use CJL?

The CD’s can be purchased online and can be installed into your personal computer. These modules with interactive exercises can be accessed offline. The teachers’ resource pack is given online and it requires a DSL or other broadband connection with a speed of at least 256Kpbs.

How does this learning program complement my schooling?

Cordova Joyful Learning is a self-tutor that helps the students to learn at his/her own pace without stepping out of their home, at their convenient time. It gives a self-explanatory animated presentation that helps best comprehension. The interactive exercises and live test papers help the learners to evaluate themselves and get instant report card on their performance.

How do I contact the CJL team?

Please fill in the requested details and register yourselves on the home page and our customer relations team would contact you.

How do we differ from other educational tools?

CJL is perfectly mapped to NCERT based textbooks and hence it is the best graded self-tutor. The self-tutor replaces home tuitions. Those students using Cordova Learning Series get the smart class content of all their textbooks through CJL.

What are the System Requirements for running CJL modules?

CJL provides windows-based CD’s.

Can CJL modules be used on my tablet/Android devices?

Modules are being made combatable for tablet/Android.

Which are the classes covered by

As of now, LKG, UKG and classes 1 to 8 are covered. The site shall be running the trial version with English 1 to 8, English Grammar 1 to 8, Hindi 1 to 8 and Hindi Grammar 1 to 8 during the trial period. The site shall be launching all subjects up to class 10 shortly.

Can I take the Live Test papers more than once?

Yes. You can take the live test papers more than once. You can also select more complex test papers as you advance ahead to check your progress.

Where can I view the videos and animations for my class?

As of now, you can buy the CD for your respective class. Online activation of animations/exercises, simulations will be shortly done.

How do the interactive games help my learning?

Learning becomes engaging and interesting when you play the game, while you learn.

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